YouthPoint Cooking Austria

One of Our Awesome Cakes

Youth Point is an organization that offers a safe zone for children who lack the opportunity to afford luxurious extra-curricular activities. From those who come from troubled homes or having a hard time adapting , they offer the comfort to do activities, be active and keep themselves busy with brain and social enriching activities.

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Superwoman Of YouthPoint

Recently, we did an observational event with them and 6 other amazing girls from the nearby middle school . Active and excited, we baked an amazing cake with Strawberries and Banana’s something simple but enough to get the kids excited .

Loving Thank You Note From The Children At YouthPoint.

Since, it was the first event it was best to do something exciting instead of complicated as the children were also able to participate , learn and understand everything during the cooking process.

ThumbsUp For A Great Baking Session with FTH and YouthPoint
Disclosure: Austrian Government Protects the Rights Of Privacy towards under-aged children hence we aren’t allowed to post their faces. However, here’s a sneak peak.