Sweet Broccoli Smoothie


Broccoli the green vegetable – which represents a tree or a weird forest growing cartoon character; has never been everyone’s favorite. Why it’s close cousin Cauliflower is despised. However surprisingly this family is actually one of the most nutritious vegetables for our mind and body.

After 6 months of not detoxing – my body is going through a cycle of like and dislike – therefore in order to balance my mind out, one of my favorite vegetables became a smoothie today.

Broccoli generally carries a bitter undertone – therefore I prefer making it slightly sweet both to create an appetizing taste and to enjoy an awesome delicacy. However, if you’ve got a high-end food processor you can proceed with raw broccoli – but if you’ve got a typical home blender, I would recommend boiling it for about 8-10 minutes before blending ( this is to create a smooth texture and avoiding chunks)

Why Is Broccoli Brains Best Friend?


Although broccoli has a reputation of being a frenemy among men – prepared in the right way it can be a feast. Typically Asians prefer preparing it in forms of stir-fried, using soy sauce or boiled while Europeans prefer baking it or cooking it with cheese.

There are various reasons why Broccoli is your body’s best friend and here is why they’re your brain’s best friend too;

An Avid Producer Of Choline In Your Brain

Choline is actually a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is important for memory and cognitive function. Therefore various studies have concluded that this helps increase cognitive function and memory which aids in learning abilities. On the other hand, it also increases Vitamin B6 and B12 – encouraging the regeneration of brain cells and neural connection.

Aids With Mental Exhaustion And Depression

Broccoli is one of the vegetables that have the properties to increase folate production in your brain – which is generally one of the major causes of depression and mental exhaustion. On the other hand, it is a fibrous vegetable it protects and improves your gastrointestinal health which then adds to the positive value to your brain. Finally, it is high in anti-oxidant properties – they eliminate all free radicals and toxins from your brain.

So How Do We Make An Awesome Smoothie ?

Perfect For The Morning .
Approximately 2 Servings.



1 Cup of Broccoli Florets
1 Whole Fig
2 Peaches
Half A Stick Of Rhubarb
Half A Lime Juice
Enough Water According To Your Preference


  1. If you’re boiling your broccoli – then do boil them first. If you aren’t boiling them then chop them into small pieces – along with your fruits.
  2. Next in the blender add your broccoli, fig, peaches, rhubarb, lime juice and water up to your preference.
  3. Blend them till you see no broccoli chunks.
  4. Drink them chilled for a better taste.