Our Events

FoodToHeal is a platform that encourages nutritious eating to ensure a healthy mind . Hence the one way to do it is to work with children from schools as young as possible to give the idea and give them the opportunity to embrace and enjoy healthy food , which tastes good and doesn’t cost much.

When children are motivated to keep a healthy diet , when they start enjoying the taste and exploring flavorful ways to enjoy food they get addicted to it . Hence, promoting an addiction to healthy taste and healthy food is one way to encourage our upcoming generation to eat and live healthy. Both mind and body.

On the other hand , working with university students through talks, conferences and workshops FoodToHeal develops a habit of acceptance , adapting and living positive. Tackling daily challenges and stress with flavors and nutrients ensuring our gut is healthy which keeps our mind upbeat and active .

The microbiome in our stomach generates the stimulus in our brain for a healthy thought process hence eating the right food not only healthy but the “RIGHT” flavor, food and consistency is important.

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