Lemon Balm and Chili Smoothie


I would say this is an odd combination – but yes chillis can be included in your smoothies. In the right way that is, just for a pinch of kick.

Why Lemon Balm? Why Chilies?


Lemon Balm, is a specific herb or leave found in the European Continent. Smells as strong as lemon grass and fresh lemons – it’s definitely a bundle of joy.

So why is Lemon Balm so powerful and how does it help your brain?

Improves Cognitive Effects

Lemon Balm’s extract Bluenesse, is the one that triggers this particular effect. It increases alertness and memory . On the other hand, it’s also responsible for reducing cortisol production which is the main hormone for stress. A study conducted – showed that just 300mg of the Bluenesse extract was able to reduce stress levels by 4% in just under 1hour.

A unique combination of calmness and alertness increasing hormones helps to reduce anxiety as well as long term physiological effects due to stress and anxiety.

So what’s the general summary of lemon balms?

  • Increases alertness, concentration, and mental focus.
  • Improves memory function particularly long term.
  • Induces a calm positive mood.
  • Increases ability to cope with stress and multitasking
  • Improves age related cognitive impairment.

So what about chilis?


Chilis are any Asian’s best friend.  A lot’s of Asian countries enjoy the spiciest chilies as well as South Americans and various African countries. One of our favorite chilis would be the ‘Eagle Claw Chilly’ – it’s generally long and curved at the end representing an Eagle’s claw.

So how does it help our brain?

High in Capsaicin.

Food with high levels of capsaicin usually carries high levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin A (Vitamin C content is known to be about 25X higher compared to an orange in a chili). This helps destroy free radicals and eliminate unhealthy cholesterol buildup. Furthermore, it also stimulates the brain to excrete endorphin – giving a sense of pleasure every time you consume it and creates the ‘Chili Addiction’.


Detoxicants usually exist in spicy plants – they’re responsible for eliminating toxins from your body and transporting the nutrients to your brain and throughout your body.

So now are you excited to make some?

So How Do You Make One?

Perfect for 3 Servings
Served Chilled



A Cup of Lemon Balm
A Cup of Spinach
A Cup Blue Berries
1 Small Chili
A Cup of Mango ( Fresh)
A Cup of Pineapple (Fresh)


  1. Start by chopping up all your ingredients. Remove the seeds from your chilis – for a light smoothie the heat without the seeds is perfect.
  2. In a blender add your lemon balm, spinach, blueberries, chili, mango, and pineapple.
  3. Once you’ve got a smooth texture – leave it to chill as it’s best drunk chilled.