Fruity Zucchini Morning Smoothie


I would say this would be one of my favorite smoothies. It’s a rather simple recipe but boosts your metabolism up even for the worst of mornings. If you’re doing a detox after a very long time – on the second day your body will be showing signs of excreting all your toxins. You would feel warm, you would sweat but at the same time, you feel that your body is being flushed out.

Therefore, this pitcher of Fruity Zucchini Morning Smoothie is what everyone needs.

So Why Zucchinis?


Why is zucchini a brain food? Afterall that water filled green balloon is considered one of the easiest vegetables to find. Personally, I recall having a love hate relationship with zucchinis until the age of 10.

There are several properties that make zucchini’s brain food:

It’s The Perfect Soldier Against Stress and Muscle Tension.

Stress which has become the modern day vocabulary is the main cause for severe depletion of magnesium in your body which often leads to muscle spasms, fatigue, and depression. However, zucchinis offer the perfect solution as it contains high levels of magnesium to be accurate about 14% of one’s required daily intake hence helping with calmness and balancing your bodies hormones.

It’s The Happiness Clown For Your Brain – Maintaining its Health and Balance.

Zucchinis are also a plant that’s filled with Complex B-Vitamin known as B-6 (Pyridoxine) which is generally in charge of inducing serotonin and norepinephrine – hormones which cause the emotion of happiness. To be accurate one zucchini contains about 25% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin B-6 – keeping your brain happy, healthy and filled with memories. On the other hand, zucchinis are also high in Iron which increase oxygen flow, therefore, keeping the brain alert and active longer.

It’s The Ultimate Antioxidant for a Green Juice Ball.

Zucchinis are also filled with powerful antioxidants such as zeaxanthin, lutein, and carotene. This help reduces oxidative stress which rejuvenates the mind and body. Generally, our brain is polluted with free radicals and toxins from our environment and possibly from our diet – therefore food which is high in Anti- Oxidants are amazing for that.

So How Do We Make It?

Perfect for a whole Pitcher
Best Served Chilled



1 Large Zucchini
2 Kiwis
A Handful of Mint Leaves
A Handful of Spinach
1 Peach
A Cup of Freshly Diced Pineapples.
A Teaspoon of Honey
Optional – Ginger, almonds and cashews.


  1. Wash, Clean and Chop up your – zucchini, kiwis, peach, pineapples, spinach and mint leaves.
  2. In a blender add all your fruits and vegetables along with a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Blend them finely until you’re satisfied.
  4. It’s perfect to be drunk immediately or be drunk of being chilled. <