FoodToHeal Hosting Sexy Salad Night At ImpactHub Belgrade

All the expressions in one photo

As part of their corporate Networking event, ImpactHub hosted their weekly “Sexy Salad Night”, this Friday was particularly exquisite since the theme included amazing recipes with the capacity of inducing you in a state of relaxation that increases your ability to socialize.

The yummy stare from Gaia – One of the Founders of ImpactHub Belgrade

“Communication Ecstasy” -And what an ecstasy- was the peak of the night, delicious and exotic recipes like Spicy Peach soup, rich in Tyrosine – an amino acid that produces dopamine, it reduces stress and anxieties that we all can sometimes face in social gatherings. It is also Rich in Folic Acid, which has a natural antidepressant function.

Curiosity never killed the cat – as we explain this part of FTH to community members 

Tomato Curry, better known as the fruit of happiness and full of Anti-Oxidants

Eating, enjoying, observing and socializing

And of course the dessert was not an option to try, but a MUST EAT… The Peak of the night Lavander Lemon Cake, -Yeah, the Royalty of the Brain- this Flower is well known for its reputation for being calming and having a sedative effect towards our muscles. Its Linalool exhibits anxiolytic, analgesic, anticonvulsive and neuroprotective agents, so basically, this exquisite dessert becomes an anti-conflict and anti-anxiety agent.

Pavle , with excitement while my team mate photobombs

We had a great time, thanks to one of the founders of ImpactHub Belgrade. Pavle Krivokuca for listening to us and giving us an opportunity to host FTH product at their weekly Sexy Salad Night. Sometimes taking chances is what everyone needs to do – and that’s what he offered us a chance and it was an honor to throw an ecstatic event there.


Not to mention Marko, Sofija, and Vlad who were the support system we received from ImpactHub who became photographers, coordinators and provided us with an amazing clean kitchen while our own FTH teammate decided to stride upon the markets at dawn finding the best ingredients both supporting local farmers as well using purely organic foods.


The Hubster Beer, exclusive Craft Beer of ImpactHub Belgrade


With about 20 people gathering on the terrace enjoying ImpactHubs craft beer and engaging in the theme of the whole event it was filled with expressions, explanations, and exhilarating taste buds. We were totally amazed by our first corporate event and it’s response, therefore, we are looking forward to many more awesome events.


When you have no words because eating comes first 


In conclusion,

We thank those who attended and the ImpactHub Belgrade community for taking pride and boosting upcoming startups up both in confidence and opportunities.


P.S: you can find all the recipes on the FTH Cuisine- Ecstasy and if you’re looking for more team building recipes – reach out to us and we would give you amazing deals on all our available packages.