Do Your Part With FTH:

How can you be part of our journey?

What can you do to be part of FoodToHeal ?

We have got that part figured out for you.

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Our School Programs are catered to high school and middle school students from the age of 10 to 16.  Schools that are wishing to be part of the program could contact us directly through our email and could proceed further on.

The reason for the specification of the age group is because that would be the time of pivotal change in their lives. From puberty, change in perspective, change in taste buds, hormones and the need of nutrition.

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The corporate syllabus of FoodToHeal was specifically designed for companies that are working with a fast paced lifestyle. Where productivity and efficiency are crucial.

The Corporate syllabus encompasses team building activities and lunch planning recipes that would not only increase the efficiency and productivity of the staff members but also increase creativity, positivity, and health. This will give companies a new way to practice a healthy lifestyle based on the 21-day rule without jeopardizing the companies productivity.

Companies could register for their topics or syllabus of their choice according to their budget and available packages and experiment with them. Once completed a company can either choose to continue or choose to be part of a new topic at a later time.

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Join in and become one of FoodToHeals partners and contribute to a happy and healthy community. It will be our great pleasure to have our partners on board as well as it would be a unique CSR incentive to you.

We would be able to provide you with media exposure, brand marketing towards our corporate and school participants, provide you with free courses from the program and organize amazing retreats for your palate exploration.

For Partners do contact us at our mail and be excited to bridge continents through food.

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Do you need someone to join on a cooking show with you? Or Give a talk at your conference? Or are you looking to visit certain places and would like FTH to accompany you?

The options and opportunities are limitless. So just reach out to us and look forward to an amazing collaboration.

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If you love food , nutrition and psychology then this is the thing for you .

At FoodToHeal we are always looking for flavor researchers – so if you’re looking to volunteer or be part of the team – All you need to do is reach out to us.