Cooking with NMS RENNER, Graz


The say events never go the way you planned it, and without obstacles, you would never be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, a great team is essential for one to reach their destination – it gives a purpose the strength and support it needs.

Recently, our representative from Austria – Julia Edlinger managed to organize the first FoodToHeal Austria event in their middle school (NMS Renner). Initially, while I was supposed to be there to accompany her – due to bureaucracy I wasn’t able to be there.

However, we came up with an alternative which has now given birth to FTH expansion in the digital world. By providing the contents needed, the materials needed and the guidance needed FTH syllabus ensured the event in NMS Renner went without a hiccup.

Their first event was to bake an Upside Down Banana Cake – Completely Sugar-Free.


They learned how to make caramel out of Apple Juice, used honey instead of sugar and choose whole grain flour instead of typical white flour. Generally, children enjoy sweet delicacy, however, making it in a span of 2 hours is a challenge. With 12 kids we divided them into 3 groups and tested their ingenuity.


For them as well as many of the teachers it came as a surprise that fructose from the Apple Juice can be converted into caramel. Which fit the purpose of FoodToHeal. The mission of this recipe is to educate children on how to enjoy sweet delicacies without being dependent on soft drinks, processed sugar, candies, and chocolates.


And this time FoodToHeal’s first event became a success and the key to this first step was an amazing team member.

Our Second Event Triggered Their Taste Palates.

We did a simple tomato curry with rice.


Although tomato curry was something completely normal and simple it created a sense of mystery among them. This time to the event was organized through the aid of technology.

They were surprised at how ginger could be used as both a sweet ingredient or a savory ingredient. They were curious and they were skeptical. It was an amazing feeling to induce curiosity among children.

This time too we had about 12 children who we divided into 3 groups.

The reason why FoodToHeal prefers introducing ginger in a majority of the cuisine is because of its impact towards their memory and its ability to vanquish free radicals and neutralize the oxygen levels in the brain.

For children especially it increases their attention span, focus, memory, and positive attitude. They become more vocal and confidence – also eliminates brain fog.


Julia and her banana cakeĀ 


The second event was also a great success and gave root for our FoodToHeal School Program. Once again we thank NMS Renner for this opportunity and we are proud to introduce Julia Edlinger as one of our amazing team from the Austrian branch.