About Us

How We Started ?

Foodtoheal is a platform where food and psychology come together in one plate. When I was young I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxieties due to ADHD. However, after going through tons of medication and several episodes of suicidal attempts, I decided to indulge in my one love of food.

Trying to diagnose myself and eventually, I discovered the remedies in food and started inventing my own recipes.

This lead to FoodToHeal , to advocate on the connection between our food and our mind . How, we can work on building sustainable communities together .

FoodToHeal became a platform for food, creation, and expression. Currently Expanding towards Education Sectors, Corporate Sectors and Personal Sectors . 

We aim to create a mind that’s healthy, A body that’s lasting and A community that’s no more zombies.


How Do We Do It ?

Over the year FTH has moved across 45 nations solely researching food and how it interacts with ones mindset . Through that we have constructed a series of recipes and syllabus catering to different issues . Each topic contains a number of recipes and methods that’s fast, easy and healthy and should be put into practice for 21 days to alter your taste buds and allow your body to accept a different transition of nutrition .

These recipes are catered taking into account age, locality and taste preference hence you can always customize , have it on the go or request us from something unique .

Our purpose is to help you – help yourself . So why not be part of us.

Step 1-1
Our program will provide you with the recipes you need, the tools and the content you need for your school, company or personal use. Which you can adapt to your requirements.

step 2-2
FTH will be with you both physically and virtually . Through our video content . Being similar to Masterclass for food and the mind alone . In case of emergency we would also have our teams on the other end of the call to assist you . Plus our events will be coordinated according to your participation hence do expect FoodToHeal member to be visiting you and organizing something special for you.

Step 3-3.png
After your first session , we will guide you to move on with the next session depending on your time line . We will also offer our packages where you can be creative and create a different atmosphere, At the same time this will be an opportunity for you to become our ambassadors, inviting others in your industry to be part of FoodToHeal . Grow together mentally and physically with FTH.

Step 4-4.png
Through this we leave a trail of sustainable and contagious legacy among all generations . Increasing mental health wellness, reducing mortality rates related to mental health issues, increasing efficiency, productivity and lifestyle standards . Leading communities that’s influencing food sustainability and health sustainability. ¬†Together we can change our addiction to empty nutrients and fast satisfaction to nutritious food with faster satisfaction.



What Do We Want To Leave Behind ?

  • A Society that isn’t dying because of modern day mental health issues and wrong food choices.
  • A Society who prioritize food sustainability.
  • A Society that understands that not everything that’s mass produced is for the best .
  • A Society that’s capable of innovating the food industry to healthier alternatives – faster and easier .
  • A Society that understands the correlation between the mind and body .
  • A Society that reduces cost spent towards medical funding in a country.
  • A Society that’s healthy mentally and physically despite speed of life and and also capable of inspiring others.