People say Pain is temporary; That is not true


“It is only when we actively seek to work through our issues that we can lighten the load and our souls can evolve.” Madysin T.


Ancient traditions affirm the moment we are born into our current embodiment, our souls are already carrying the weight of all that we have lived, learned and loved in our past incarnations, and the only way we can lighten this load is by actively working through our issues and then our souls will be ready to evolve.


Bereaving ourselves from useless fears, the lack of feeling empathy for others by judging and separating our selves and believing we are “more important than”, “less than”, “Prettier” or “Uglier” and of course our natural and sometimes unconscious attachment for self-limiting beliefs, are just some of the many uncountable challenges we may face in this lifetime and the main reason we choose coming back and heal these wounds we have been carrying from incarnation through incarnation.


While of course, some issues we face are easier to deal with because they are the final remains of residue from a past life, it is important to remember and acknowledge that other issues or problems we might be going through or will go through offer greater challenges and sometimes a lot of pain for the sole reason we are meant to work through them throughout this lifetime.


Wanting to quickly recover from difficult and painful circumstances is a very natural human way of thinking. When we do not or cannot, we may feel emotionally inept or hopeless even mad or weak. The evolution of the soul, however, is an ongoing process that can take many lifetimes and we come to the realization of this matter when we begin to understand that even when we are doing our best there will be situations, people, and outcomes we cannot control but only accept.


Been aware that our experiences now may be setting the groundwork for future healing–whether in this lifetime or the next one, may lead us to the state of acceptance of the situation and this can help us embrace the process we are going through (even if it is a painful and difficult situation).  By surrendering we can start the release in each time, the more we surrender, the more we grow and the more we grow, our soul will reach the evolution trail that is destined to.

Although it is not always possible to work throughout all our soul needs in a single lifetime, it is of crucial importance that we confront the calling we are destined to and do the healing work. It is also important to remember that the most effective way to let our soul grow is to be an active participant in life, let the flow of consciousness do its thing, allow things to unfold naturally, be curious rather than fearful, trust and always, always, always give Love.



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