FoodToHeal Meets Under30Changemakers!!!

FoodToHeal has been going through various changes this year – from growing from an individual to a team, from being a market research to a product and through that journey we have lost many people but at the same time gained many amazing friends and partnered with other amazing organizations that focus on growth, friendship, community, invention, and creativity.


One of it would be our favorites Under30Changemakers. I met the founder Tara Byrne, through the magic of technology – our first talk hit it off to a beautiful partnership. FoodToHeal couldn’t find a better companion than working with her – her mission to offer opportunities without discrimination and her passion towards different ideas gave us the ‘good vibe’.


Under30Changemakers is an organization that becomes a platform for various entrepreneurs, activists, inventors and creatives to meet and connects. This gives them opportunities to explore and find assistance to achieve a unified success.

As a fellow foodie herself, she invited FoodToHeal to present what we do in their annual Changemaker Summit where various people from other industries but with the same perspective unite and share a discussion regarding various sustainable products and ideas for the betterment of planet earth.

Now we will be meeting in New York – this 5th of September .

Talking about food, invention, psychology, and technology. As our world heads towards food future – this becomes a perfect place to explore and discuss.

Tara’s passion created a great community and we are honored to be part of it.

If you’re looking for an adventure and fellow like minded people – join us and explore.


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