Future Food : What Are We Expecting ?

The food crisis is becoming a potent problem – while in one corner of the world lack of resources or rather un-attended resources is causing farmers to commit suicide while in another part of the world processed and chemically engineered food is taking dominance. Taking dominance and sacrificing human’s mental and physical wealth.

Are we too picky to change our ways and tap into the rarely used food resources?

Or are we always judging books by it’s cover?

What do we anticipate with regards to future food? Dehydrated food, pills, Virtual Reality Mind Manipulating Nutrition or are we ready to look into two amazing species that lie dormant on planet earth?


Are Bugs Our New Source Of Food?

We have all been irked out by bugs. We squash them or fear them – maggots our worst enemy especially in our kitchen.

However, around the world insects have been a staple for many – the protein, it’s ease towards the digestive system, its ability to increase the brain’s gray matter as well as positivity, the availability and fast production – has ensured many cultures survival for a long time.

Known as Entomophagy where insects are food – from prehistoric age till now. Countries in Asia, North, South and Central America, Africa and finally two specific countries; Australia and New Zealand enjoy insects as part of their food source although the popularity has been long forgotten in developed countries.

What Are Edible Insects?

First and foremost there are about 1900 anthropods that are edible to humans – however, very few are researched and known to people some are consumed as bugs while others are consumed as larvae/eggs/pupa ;


Maggots – The Squirming Bunch.

Maggots are usually triggering a sense of disgust – however, to understand the concept of maggots one need to understand how they’re formed first. Maggots are the off spring of flies, therefore, they’re attracted to smell, decomposition and flies usually scout for proper and healthy food sources in order to breed a healthy bunch. For example, fruit flies although they possess cannibalistic properties they’re vegetarian by nature and on the other hand the normal housefly maggots are generally carnivores – feeding on lean meat and absorbing their nutrients and eliminating the unhealthy fat.

Due to the fact maggots absorb the flavor and nutrients of food – you can harness maximum amounts of proteins for a little price. Recently FoodToHeal conducted a research in altering the flavors of maggots by being specific on what’s being fed. Our diet for them consists of only fruits – therefore at their optimal stage when cooked ( quick deep fry technique) they resembled a fruity taste. Therefore, it’s possible for one to engineer the taste of maggots.

Maggots being light weight in fat and calories and easing the digestive system creates positive bacteria and increases the serotonin levels in the brain ( still a theory). On the other hand, them being easy to cultivate reduces the pressure on producing an unbearable amount of livestock.

However, beware to cook it well and prepare well as well as check for allergies before consuming.


 Ants – The Protein Masters

Ant’s are basically a hard-working example of insects – ranging from a hierarchy and based on community living they’re capable of providing the human world with both cost efficient and sustainable food source.

There’re various benefits of eating ants :

Highly Concentrated In Energy And Protein
– Ant’s contain about 13X the amount of protein compared to consuming fish or meat at the same time it also is budget conscious. Therefore being perfect for athletes, sports enthusiast and people who endure hard labor.

Excellent Source Of Zinc
– Zinc is an important component in ensuring a healthy immune system . Black ants, in particular, are high in zinc. It’s perfect for those who live on a mostly vegetarian diet as they usually suffer from weakened metabolism due to lack of zinc in their bodies, therefore, ants offer the perfect substitution as they contain natural antibodies and antioxidants – powerful enough to battle many bacteria’s, parasites, and viruses.

Concentrated Protein & ATP Energy
– Black Ants, in particular, are concentrated in protein and ATP energy, therefore, becoming an important component in overcoming general fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. It also helps increase energy levels for people who suffer from health issues resulting in low energy levels.

Improves Brain Function
– Ants are generally brain food, aiding in thinking, concentration, and memory. Black Ants extract is also a great anti depressant as they help balance out emotions especially for those who suffer from mood disorder and depression. Being filled with various minerals and vitamins – it encourages brain tissue growth. For those who suffer from brain damages caused by injuries, addiction, pollution, and aging the black ant’s extracts helps the brain repair itself.  Finally, they’re high in Vitamin B2, B1, B4, D and E along with tons of different minerals including magnesium and calcium.

3.5 Ounces of Red Or Black Ants =
– 14 grams of protein
– 5.7 milligram of iron
– 0 cholesterol
– enough calcium


Winged Termites – The Flying Species

Termites no doubt has been considered a notorious bug, especially in a wooded environment. Nothing is left uneaten that’s been the mission of termites for a very long time.

However, it’s time for us to consider why they should be part of our cuisine.

Rich in Vitamin A & C 
– The worker termites are usually high in Vitamin A while the Queen is definitely high in Vitamin C.

Small and Tiny Size Of Meat
– They’re a good source of protein and high in healthy fat content, therefore, meaning more energy. With the availability of various minerals and vitamins – it’s a staple in countries such as Nigeria where malnutrition lies as a huge problem.

Countries That Choose Medication With Termites 
– In Brazil, termites are used to treat Asthma, hoarseness, and sinusitis. While in Nigeria, termites are used to treat morning sickness in pregnant women.


Other Edible Insects

What we have listed here doesn’t even cover 10% of the insect world, there are various other insects such as Crickets, Cicadas, Grasshoppers, Beetle Grub (Meal Worms), Caterpillars (bamboo, Mopani, silkworms and wax worms), Scorpions, Tarantulas, Earthworms and various others.

So are you willing to test out the bug world?

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