Life Detox: A tasty way to get rid of what no longer serves us


Do you really want to know the secret of happiness?  How to feel free from all pain and anxiety?  There you go, spread the word:

1-Get rid of what no longer serves you or makes you happy in life.

2-Do more of what makes you happy


Let me tell you about something I´ve learned during my own Life Detox, “It is F* scary”.




The fact of having no clue what would I find on the other side of the bridge, crisped my thoughts into a thousand ways of questioning myself about all the pain that I would have to go through and gave me an “All inclusive ticket” to Anxiety Land. Of course, the lack of self-respect by that time was strong enough to exclude me from the Bridge trip. Luckily, one day during meditation, an epiphany filled my heart with the hope and strength I was praying to find,

“Our souls need some weeping once in a while, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I am a fragile and vulnerable human being, and THAT IS FINE, I will embrace the pain of a Soul Detox”  

I was ready and in total willingness to face my spiritual assignment in the knowledge that I would have to sit and feel the wounds bleed out the string of memories. So I did it, during my meditation I felt the magnitude of the loss and figure out a way to function with one less phantom limb, I let myself go to my dark night of the soul one more time and I took the decision to get rid of what was no longer serving me and making me happy, even tho that meant to let go a person I truly Love and care about, An apartment I Loved, and a Job that kept me in the comfort zone due to a poor paycheck -But hey, at least it was a secure money-.

And that is the first part of my Life Detox, getting rid of what no longer serves me or makes me happy is a big step of Self-Respect and there is no other way to learn how to swim than getting in the water, swim and find your way back to the surface.


The second part of my Life Detox was easier and for sure tasty and healthy. The only pattern I had to break for this assignment was my procrastination habit of cooking every day at the same time.

As my soul was been pampered with Self-respect and Love, it was also screaming to be fed with healthier food. Even I am very conscious of my eating habits, I started craving another kind of food, and you know what they say… “Do more of what makes you happy” and FOOD makes me really, really, really happy!

So I started digging and discovered that Citrics are an amazing Detox for our Brains because of its Vitamin C, our Neurotransmitter production increases, and this helps to control mood cravings, addictions, sleep, increases intelligence, improves our circulation and a lot more. A great idea to have this summer is a tasty Ginger Citrus Combo Smoothie, this is an awesome recipe that contains all the Vitamin C our Brain needs in order to have the Detox our Soul and Brain are craving for.

Therefore, by having the sincere willingness to face my spiritual assignment and letting go what was no longer was serving me and making me happy even in the knowledge
it would be extremely painful, the Life Detox is an awesome resource to hung up to when things are getting hard, and the best reward is the feeling of having your inner power back, your Self-respect back, your integrity back, your sanity back and most important your happiness back.




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