There’s No New Years Resolution


EveryDAY is a resolution . Make it one.

The first day of New Years, I remember waking up to my phone booming with parties, pictures of happy drunkness, a time of celebration and a time of sort of breaking free from 2016.

Going back to my night, we went for a hike through the mountains, that hike was rough I must say and after that, we spent out time playing cards and laughing. Followed by a visit to a friends place and back home to the comforts of my bed.

At the top of the mountain

Deep down in the darkness of my thoughts, I wanted to get drunk, I wanted to spend half of my monthly allowance on alcohol which the next day I might regret, I would definitely say I wanted to not remember the first day of the year.

However, I opted out.

Instead, I put up a list of things that happened for 2016, the list of things that seemed like an accomplishment in my eyes. The list of things started with me starting FoodToHeal and went down all the way to Letting Go of things I don’t need.

It gave me a perspective when I compared my old New Years Resolution to what I see as an accomplishment, I realized they were poles apart. It then struck me, that obsessing towards my New Year’s Resolution just made me miserable, that not making a resolution every day has made living with myself harder.

The Giant 2017 Sandwich

The cycle of life always takes us in different directions, sometimes we need to climb mountains to get to the sandwich we have our thoughts latched too. Sometimes we just need to cross only a rock to the next garden; it’s completely unpredictable.

This year I didn’t make a resolution, I made checkpoints but I started making my everyday resolutions. I write down of what I want to accomplish in the 24hrs time span. Despite obstacles, I aim to achieve everything on my resolution for the day.

First Time Skiing , On a Baby Slope

For anyone who reads my blog, you’ll realize that I suffer from Clinical Depression and Anxieties, hence a normal task takes 2X the effort but I realized one thing, that if I never take the first step, I start gathering the darkest of friends and they eventually become stronger than me.

So since then I made resolutions a daily occurrence instead of a once in every year thing. It made things easier for me and I believe it will help others too.
Breaking down your goals into smaller pieces allows you to reach them faster and efficient.

Moving To A New Place for New Beginnings

In a way, it says that mankind has to always take the step, every day, every second and there’s no such thing as a one-day trick pony.

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