Is Your Period Friend Or Foe ?


The dawn of every third day of the month, we stare at our pre-programmed calendars and our physical calendars. We calculate on our fingers and in our minds, of when Aunty Flo would pop in for a visit. We wake up every morning, sweating and fearing that our once clean sheets; looks like a blood bath from Sparta. Or it could be a bad horror movie where we had no idea we were part off.

Is Aunty Flo your friend or just a demon in red?

It’s a question where after having my first encounter with Aunty Flo I haven’t been able to answer it. While I’m glad that it’s here, I’m terrified of the clouds of depression and anxieties it brings. Just like sending an annoying parcel before arrival, Aunty Flo always managed to make her appearance spectacular in red.

The 3 Clouds Of Menstruation.

Depression, Loneliness, Anxieties, Overthinking

I think this is a familiar feeling for all of us. Ladies, this either starts a week or 2 before or it start’s right before. You pace up and down, you cry to the most impossible things and you head towards a bipolar state. The world makes no sense anymore, you hate the fact of waking up and you wallow to the sorrows of the world and the loneliness of your heart.

You constantly might feel the world is falling apart and everyone hates you. At one point you feel even your cat is secretly formulating a plan against you.

You question WHY? WHY? WHY and WHY?

Sudden Motivation and Dread At The Same Time.

All of a sudden this phase shifts, you become motivated. You put on your apron and start baking, you kick start your new project and you’re motivated at your team meetings.

Your day seems bright and all the colors from dark clouds and shining rainbows. You’re agiler and more motivated for the gym which you may not have visited for months.

However, this glory lasts and dies at the speed of your morning coffee. Now you’re back again to the same dread you had days ago. You dread the meeting the next day and your beautiful cake reminds you of all the feelings you wish you had.

The Day Arrives and Your Cravings Begun

.You wake up in the morning, Hoorrayyy Aunty Flo is here, and the bed is painted red. You rock that tampon like no one cares and you feel the pride of being women. You know you can finally wear that flowy floral dress to camouflage your bloated tummy.

You head to work like a warrior and then all of a sudden your brain your brain is looking for food. It starts with a piece of chocolate, then a whole box, then you start craving for the guilty packet of chips and the closest fast food.

Your mouth salivates at the thought of food and you dream of chicken wings or the crispy skin from KFC. Funny how our brain reacts to our hormones and all that comfort our minds, so you still think your diet has no influence then think again.

                 banana , oatmeal cake with small pieces of dark chocolate.

How Do You Avoid Or Minimize The Impact Of The 3 Clouds?

Yes, You Got It Right! Proper DIET, Minding What You Eat Everyday

Diet plays an important role on how your psychological state is during menstruation. How your hormones impact your thought process and cravings depends on the food you take every single day. So let me give you a few pointers on how you can avoid those 3 clouds every month and make the best of your time.

  1. At Any Cost Avoid Sugar and Caffeine.
    Your morning cup of Jo is going to be your downfall during that time, it would be the main cause of your mood swings. While the amount of sugar you take increases your sugar levels and causes you to feel tired and forbids you from concentrating all day.
  2. Surprise Surprise, Stay away from your Meat.
    Your meat especially red meat can highly influence your hormonal imbalance. It increases your estrogen level, and during your period you don’t need any more hormones to boost you up. Plus most of our industrialized meat have their added hormones and tortured way of raising it, which messes you up from within. Fear not it’s not all bad news, if you can find a free range animal, then it’s fine to be consumed in small amounts plus white meat such as turkey and chicken can definitely boost you up.
  3. Bye Bye Alcohol
    Yes ladies, Alcohol, lock your cabinet of whiskey and tequila and wait for the day you’re ready. An occasional glass of wine is definitely okay, however, avoid going on a rampage with shots and have fun with Mr.Tea and Mrs.Water for the time being.
  4. Have Fun With Yogurt and Complex Carbohydrates.
    Yogurt and complex carbohydrates such as wheat, oatmeal, and quinoa can be particularly helpful during Aunty Flo’s visit. They give you the sugar you need and helps you with the boost of sugar you might need. Healthy sugar is always better than refined sugar.
  5. Sometimes Popeye’s Spinach is The Best.
    Vegetables are never bad, especially vegetables that contain a high level of Iron such as Spinach and Mustard Greens. You need to replenish the iron you’ve lost as you’re bleeding through your tampons and these are perfect for that.
  6. Eat Loads of Bananas and Fruits.
    They say a sleepy woman is a woman out for blood. Sleep is very important for us ladies especially at that time of the month. Banana’s are perfect for that, not only they provide you with enough energy but banana’s also contain melatonin which gives one a peaceful sleep. Plus fruits are never bad anyways.

Even though these are just simple tips, you can definitely take your time to adapt your daily diet and get yourself accustomed to your bodies changes.

Let’s Try A Fun Recipe

The one way to avoid cravings is to beat your hunger to it, so why not start your day with an Energy Omelet. You’ll not only have fun in the kitchen but your mind and body will enjoy it throughout the day.

All you need is,
1 Whole Egg
2 Egg Whites
1 Cup Of Cottage Cheese ( reduce the amount of fat you take in dairy products)
1 Cup of Shredded Grilled Chicken or Turkey
1/2 Bell Peppers
1/2 Onions
A Pinch of Salt and Pepper
A Teaspoon of Chili Flakes (Optional, I love it for the kick)

  1. Start with beating your eggs together. Beat them until you can see them fluffy and nice.
  2. Then add your onions and bell peppers in them, fold them slowly.
  3. Next, continue adding you Chicken or Turkey and continue folding them.
  4. Finally, add your cottage cheese and you’re ready to rock and roll your breakfast.
  5. Season with salt, pepper and chili flakes according to your preference(remember to not add too much salt as it causes bloating)
  6. Heat your pan with a touch of oil and toss your mixture in it.
  7. Now, have fun dining.

Periods are no one’s enemy, it’s just we need to learn to adapt our body to accept it healthily. So why not make become friends with our periods

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