A Recipe For Those Who Are Fructose and Lactose Intolerant .


As a person who grew with the stomach of steel, I rarely knew of different types of intolerance’s and impact it could have on one’s mind and body. How it would eventually form one’s eating habits and how one learns to embrace it.

We never really understand until we meet someone and open our kitchens and ears to their story. While one might frown, I found it challenging and interesting to make my dishes appealing to people with different tastes and preferences.

This week the opportunity came, as a fellow friend of mine whom I met in this historic town of Graz told me she was fructose and lactose intolerant. I was excited to cook for her, I saw this as an opportunity into discovering my roots, going to the time where we cooked in open flame and clay pots. Using the earth’s mystery spices and nothing more. Leaving aside the dairy and leaving aside the artificial and pompous mass production.

My CHALLENGE was finding the right spices in a new town.

So I went with the basics, replacing typical high-fat yogurt and curd to lactose-free yogurt. Replacing tomatoes with lemons and finally replacing chickpeas with eggs. Tadaaaa the minimalist Egg Curry was formed.

The one thing I learned in the years of cooking is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to cook, to adapt or to make a healthy meal instead all you would need to do is to be creative and peek outside the box. Making the most out of the ingredients you have and creating the best meals you can.

Cooking with your heart and gut, instead of mind and money.

What started off as a minimalist meal, with me constantly questioning my confidence became an amazing meal. Our conversation turned into a night of debates and excitement. I must say that at one point I did criticize myself for not having the same impact as a lactose filled curry would have but it was amazing the abundant of things you can do with just a handful of ingredients.

Hence for others who want to try it out, I’ve written the Recipe below, Check it out and experiment for yourself.

Lactose — Fructose Free Egg Curry

(4 People Serving)
9 Free Range Farmed Eggs.
2- 3 Tablespoon of oil.
1 Small onion or Half of a big one.
2 teaspoon of Curcuma.
2–3 Tablespoon of Curry Powder ( however use it under your own estimation)
3 teaspoon of Cumin.
2 Cups of Lactose-free yogurt ( use it based on your own estimation of flavor)
1 Cup of Lactose-Free Milk ( use it based on your estimation of flavor)
Chilli Flakes or dried chilies ( optional if you prefer heat) I avoided it since I don’t know my friend’s tolerance level.
Half a lemon to replace tomatoes for acidity.
Parsellie at your own discretion.


1) Pre-boil and peel the eggs, you can slightly crisp up the outer layer of the skin by rolling it on the pan with heat and light oil. Allows it to absorb the flavor faster and the outer layer of the skin has a nice texture. Remove it once you see the layer or a slight brownness.

2) Heat the pot with oil, I used 3 tablespoons of oil, you can use it based on your estimation and discretion. Add your onions and cumin first and keep on stirring it until you see the onions caramelizing and the smell of cumin fills the room.

3) Next, add your Curcuma and curry powder, salt, chili flakes or dried chilies if you’re using any and stir it all together. Watch and smell as the flavors mingle together.

4) Then add your lactose-free yogurt in it, mix them all together and you will notice the color turning for a hot yellow to a light tender yellow, mix it and add your lactose-free milk in.

5) Stir it and turn the heat down as you add your eggs in. Squeeze your lemon in part by part and continue tasting. I used half a lemon however, you can adapt based on your palate.

6) Stir and let it boil. Continue tasting and stir it every 2–3 minutes to avoid the curry from burning. Continue letting it boil for 10–15 minutes when you see the eggs finally taken the color of the curry and when you can taste the spices are blended together.

7) Stir in fresh parsley while it’s still hot and finally, top it off with some more parsley as the garnish .
*P.S your curry might curdle due to the lemons and lactose-free dairy 🙂 However don’t worry about it, you’re doing it right.

8) This dish is better served warm instead of piping hot. You can accompany it with rice or naan bread, upon your preference. I used Jeera rice, the recipe follows.

Jeera Rice

1 Small Onion
200–300g of rice
3 tablespoon of cumin
4 tablespoon of oil

1) Soak the rice for 10 minutes.

2) Heat the pan with oil and once you know the oil is hot enough, add the onions and cumin. Stir until you witness the onions caramelizing and you the smell of cumin filling your nostrils.

3) Add the rice which you’ve pre-soaked, be sure that you’ve removed all the water after 10 minutes and it’s completely drained.

4) Stir the rice along with all the other ingredients in the pan, you’ll notice it blending together.

5) Add your water and let it boil.

6) Tadaaa and your rice is done, now you can serve it with that delicious curry of yours.

Hope you’re having fun cooking it 😀

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